Janet is a multi-dimensional orchestrator of lifting the human spirit and birthing the essence of a person's "
natural genius." She brings focus to core issues in the moment, and weaves a path for her clients' evolvement
to a new stage of insight and self realization. She paints the way for them to open to themselves, and to
realize that change is possible, rewarding, and creative. Thank you Jan for seeing me, receiving me, coaching
me, guiding me to an open doorway, and BEing Present... 'with' ....me. You are a healer's healer and a
"Rebirther of Awakening" for those who are inspired to grow.
Jan's Practices
Hypnotherapy - Neurolinguistic - Programming - Wholelife Integration - Hohoponopono - Theta Healing - Aqua Touch for releasing tension in the body - Minister - Life Coach - Workshop Leader - Intuition - Channel - Licensed Real Estate Broker who has managed in Real Estate Accounting in the Past